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Dados pessoais

It all began with the first branch of Sanitas Policlínica, located at Francisco Sales Avenue, in Belo Horizonte. The plastic surgeon, Dr. Cesar Arrunategui and his team had only four more people working with them in surgical procedures. The idea, however, was to expand the clinic into a great surgical center and offer multiple medical specialties, so more doctors could operate there. That’s when Clinica Belvedere emerged, on October 29th, 1994, creating an association to the name of the area where it had been build up.

As time went by, Clinica Belvedere became greater and stronger, always aiming to offer quality in infrastructure, safety and special attention and care to doctors and patients. In 2007, it was certified by ISO 9001, in order to improve its inner communication, provide standardization of quality in offered service and a higher commitment in the relationship to its customers.

In January 2009, the Clinic took a big step and became Hospital Belvedere. The concept is a result of much more excellence in the quality of equipment and service, a very well-qualified staff and more safety in medical procedures, which began to be monitored by a team of Intensive Care doctors.

Drs. Eduardo Sad, Rogério Sad and Guilherme Mirachi became hospital partners in order to offer all the necessary support to the patients, in terms of post-operative moment; considered to be as important as the surgical procedure itself. “That way we guarantee more safety to the surgeon and also to the patient”, they explain. Besides having expanded its medical team, Hospital Belvedere also updated its surgical equipment and built a special Room for Intensive Care, plus nine new Day-Hospital accommodations.

Even more complete, more modern and safer, the Hospital Belvedere team keeps on searching for improvement. There is still much to learn and do for our patients, doctors and partners.